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So it’s no surprise that the world is now obsessed with the rumours that Jen and Brad actually met up in an LA hotel just weeks before Angelina filed for divorce.

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Right appeared in 1995 and advocated doing pretty much what your mother told you: play hard to get; keep a bit in reserve; remain mysterious.

Chin found Google's scanning of tens of millions of books and posting "snippets" online constituted "fair use" under US copyright law.Today, the public interface that allows users to plumb the Google Books megacorpus has been relaunched, and the new version makes it even more enticing to researchers, both scholarly and nonscholarly.You can read all about it in my online piece for The Atlantic, as well as Jon Orwant's official introduction on the Google Research the annual ACL meeting in July, "Syntactic Annotations for the Google Books Ngram Corpus." As I note in the Atlantic piece, the smaller corpora that Mark Davies has compiled, such as COCA and COHA, still offer more flexibility in the search interface, such as the ability to search for lemmas or high-frequency collocations from particular time periods.Furthermore, the universal tagset of twelve parts of speech used by Google may disappoint corpus linguists who are more used to dealing with the intricacies of the CLAWS tagset (as used in the BYU corpora).I have never been a "Rules girl" (that's right, they're a tribe – Blake Lively and Beyoncé are both rumoured to have tried them, on Leonardo Di Caprio and Jay Z respectively).