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Not soon after, another bruin, this one an adult, collapsed and died on camera. We've examined the organs to see if anything is visibly traumatic.NPS field biologist Michael Saxton said NPS doesn’t yet know the cause of death. We would expect to get toxicology reports back fairly but getting back things like bacteria cultures could take months." Troy Hamon, Katmai's chief of resource management, said the park has never witnessed a bear die from unknown causes like this.

After getting notifications from the Ring doorbell app, the daughter decided to check the camera footage recorded on the device."Then he puts his phone down picks up an old board and hits the camera," she said.

But it wasn't until she went to the property the next day did she see what else he did -- something she'd missed on the recordings.[WATCH: Surveillance video of man pooping outside house] %"He just pulled his pants down and started peeing on the gate then he pulled them down even further and decided to poop right next to the gate," she said.

"When you're a grown adult and you poop and pee on someone's property just because, there's something wrong with that."The house is not far from a homeless camp that neighbors believe is responsible for an increase in crime in the area.

New rare footage of snow leopards and their prey were captured during the first-ever survey of snow leopard prey in Bhutan's newest national park.

The new footage shows snow leopards scent-marking and a sub-adult snow leopard.