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We've got NHS provider status, and we've been externally audited by the official regulator.

At Ultrasound Direct Southampton we specialise in baby scans, ultrasound screening, first scans for dating and Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPT).

Fly into iconic cities and make the most of the local scene before embarking on an unforgettable cruise experience. All fly-cruise holiday prices include economy class flights from/to London and transfers between the overseas airport and your ship on the day of embarkation/disembarkation.

People from across the globe come regularly to worship here at one of the several Sunday or weekday Masses.

Visit the reading room for details on what we hold and how to view it.

Opening times Open: Tuesday and Wednesday, 10am to 4pm Closed: Monday, Thursday and Friday Please note that we are unable to produce documents from the strong rooms from pm to pm.

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So we put people in positions where they are uncomfortable and it brings out a different side of them, which is either entertaining or it puts a different light on things.”The 27-year-old Sag Harbor resident broadcasts his oddball R-rated comedy podcast each week and has amassed 23,782 listens on the streaming service Spreaker.“I always listened to a lot of radio growing up and I never wanted to do stand-up,” he said, explaining why he decided to create and host a podcast.

from Yama Q, recently featured contestants of a purposefully offensive comedy segment—“Black Jeopardy.”The host of the show, Alex Treblack, played by 21-year-old Southampton Village resident Donye Scott, donned spray-painted gray hair and a fake gray mustache that kept falling off his cleanly shaved face.

He asked questions on topics ranging from basketball and cinema to hip-hop and the civil rights movement, and offered a general “all things black” category. Scott, an African-American who has guest-starred on “The Ryan Show” before, said Mr. Verneuille’s last show in February, as a nod to Black History Month he brought on three local men—Larry Grampus, 36, of Southampton Village; Troy Pender, 27, of Sag Harbor; and Antonio Waldo, 30, of Sag Harbor—all of whom are African-American, to play the politically incorrect game show. Each contestant attentively stood in front of a microphone with a small bell to give answers in the form of a question, much like the real “Jeopardy! The game quickly spiraled into playful chaos as the contestants yelled over each other, arguing that they rang their bell first and that certain answers should not be accepted. Scott poised a question in the form of an answer amid the chaos: “I assassinated Martin Luther King Jr.” Mr.

Staying ahead of technology and current practices, we remain the popular choice for ultrasound scans for expectant parents and private patients across the wider Devon area, and beyond.

Whether you need an urgent early pregnancy assessment, date your baby with a first scan or a fast-result gender scan, Ultrasound Direct Southampton is the place to be for pregnancy scans in the Hampshire area.