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In that moment of guilt and shame and catharsis, Cunneely, then 30, admitted to a seven-month sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl, a student in his class.

He says he still has the crucifix ring she placed on his finger that day.

As a still-single Massachusetts Congressman in the 1940s and early 1950s, he indulged himself with what his friend, New Jersey Congressman Frank Thompson, Jr., called a "smorgasbord of women." According to biographers Meagher and Gragg, Kennedy's lovers were prominent, accomplished women, as well as strippers, airline stewardesses, and secretaries.Everyone knows that couple time is important, especially when the day-to-day "stuff" that comes with running a household and being parents puts you on overload. Free or discounted movie tickets to Clearview Cinemas.But new couples need time to get to know one another, too. If you have all three Optimum services you can get discounted or free tickets by presenting your rewards card.Pale and shaking, Jim Cunneely lay in bed, barely finding the breath to speak. I’m going to have to go.” Dawn Cunneely didn’t understand. In court documents, in a self-published memoir and in interviews with NJ Advance Media, Cunneely alleges the relationship with the teacher, Carol D’Annunzio, then 42, lasted more than two years and dominated every aspect of his time at Lenape Valley Regional High School in Stanhope during the early 1990s.He clung to his wife like a child, his head on her chest. He described trysts in her classroom, in the auditorium, in her home and car. On a school trip to Paris, they exchanged symbolic wedding vows beside the Seine, Cunneely said. Watson, a historian who has researched the sexual indiscretions of U. Presidents, at least seven of them—ranging from Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton—have had affairs both before and during their terms of office. Kennedy, whose dalliances with scores of women, including movie goddess Marilyn Monroe, have become the stuff of legend. According to Kennedy biographers Michael Meagher and Larry D.