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The Deanery offers a number of opportunities for teachers to develop their practice through engagement in and with research. The University also offers free teaching materials via TESconnect: more than 100 resources for Key Stages 2-5.

This includes a new series of free science podcasts, ‘Big Questions’, in which a selection of the University’s top researchers address important issues in science today.

Teachers have power over students, which undercuts the notion that consent can be given freely; we control their lives, which means it's not fair to the individual student, or to the other students in the class; it's an abuse of the teacher's power, and compromises both the real and perceived fairness of that student's grades and of any overall curve in the class. Obviously, the younger the student, the worse the injury, but abuse of power is about power, not age.

We all react with shock at the very idea of a male teacher "taking advantage" of young women in his class; I can't imagine a panel having trouble with criminal charges in such a case, no matter how good looking the man, indeed, especially if he were good looking.Organised in bite-sized chunks, these resources are ideal for encouraging Key Stage 4 and 5 students to explore and challenge the knowledge that surrounds these fascinating areas.To support the new Computer Science component of the National Curriculum we offer a free educational program called 'The Turtle System', together with lesson plans and other teaching resources. The new Oxford Mathematics Alphabet is a resource for teachers and anyone fascinated by mathematics.While sexual harassment is legally defined as "unwanted" behavior, it has been argued that even consensual sexual interactions between students and teachers constitute harassment because the inherent power differential creates a dynamic in which "mutual consent" is impossible.In their recent study (AAUW 2006) on sexual harassment at colleges and universities, the AAUW claimed that while both men and women were targets of sexual harassment, "women are disproportionately negatively affected." In the "Report Card on Gender Equity," the NCWGE that 30 percent of undergraduate students, and 40 percent of graduate students, have been sexually harassed.Of course teachers are in positions of trusted authority and of course they’ll sometimes be the objects of student fantasy. Indeed, it can happen from time to time in any profession where the relationship between people is the key to getting the job done.