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However, the deputy speaker said sex and access to pornography among students was an issue and that the DPRD was "concerned." "What's happening is that free sex exists among students and the number of HIV/AIDS infected school and college students are pretty high — this is what makes us concerned," Ayub said, as quoted by

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This magnificent 18K Date-Just Rolex was owned and worn by President Eisenhower.

(Ike is pictured below wearing this impressive Rolex) President Eisenhower wore this Date-Just throughout his Tenure in The White House. The exacting content of the engraving was in compliance with what General Dwight D. Also, Accompanying General Eisenhower's Rolex are numerous detailed and complete historical records, between Rolex and the General.

Following the Gold Rush boom that began in 1849, speculators realized the land north of San Francisco Bay would increase in value in direct proportion...

American traitor and British Brigadier General Benedict Arnold enjoys his greatest success as a British commander on this day in 1781.